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You Must Be Joking is a free jokes e-mailing list. We mail good, clean jokes three times a week to all of our members. Use the Sign Up link above to sign up!

Mailings are sent every Tuesday and Thursday, and one at the weekend. The weekday mailings have a few jokes and perhaps a very bad pun, but the weekend mailing, as well as having the usual jokes, includes our reccomended links of the week, and other such semi-humourous things.

The jokes in our mailings are designed to be suitable for all the family to read, but we are not specifically a children's humour list. The jokes we include tend to be either bizarre humour or very bad puns; check out the Jokes section to see the kind of jokes that we are likely to post.

When you sign up for our joke list, you will only receive You Must Be Joking e-mails! We will not send you any spam, and we will not provide your e-mail address to any third parties. Your e-mail address and personal details will remain private and only viewable by us.

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